Towards a sustainable energy system in Northern Europe

Welcome to a seminar arranged by IVA, Acatech and Elforsk

We face great challenges in northern Europe to create an economical and secure energy supply system, and at the same time build a sustainable system reaching the environmental targets. This is both a technical challenge and a political issue with large implications on society.

Do we have to change the market models and reintroduce other governance means? Is the system actually capable of handling the necessary changes? Both Germany and Sweden have introduced plans for an “Energiewende” and both countries are tightly coupled to each other. The seminar addresses where the research community stands, what we know and what are just wishes.

Welcome to a seminar to discuss the challenges and opportunities for creating a secure, sustainable and competitive North European energy system. The aim is to identify key questions and possible areas for co-operation between Nordic and German researchers.

Participants will include: Professor Frank Behrendt,Technische Universität Berlin and Acatech, Professor Lars Bergman, Stockholm School of Economics,Director-General Erik Brandsma, Swedish Energy Agency,Peter Fritz, Sweco, Lion Hirth, Potsdam-Institute for Climate Impact Research, Professor Filip Johnsson Chalmers University of Technology, Dr. Dietmar Lindenberger,Energiewirtschaftliches Institut an der Universität zu Köln,Dr Bo Normark, Power Circle and IVA, Dr Magnus Olofsson,Elforsk, Bo Rydén, Profu, Professor Lars Strömberg, Chalmers and IVA and Professor Alfred Voß, University of Stuttgart.



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