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"Technology wath of Fuel Cells"


Fuel Cell Technology Watch

The Swedish Energy agency finance a project for technology watch and pre-studies within the area of fuel cells. The project is carried out as part of The Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC). The fuel cell tech watch project within SHC is lead by Elforsk. The project spans over the time from 2014 to October 2016.

The aims of the project are to coordinate, compile and analyze information on the development of fuel cells. There is a clear focus on fuel cells for automotive applications.

Elforsk has hosted previous fuel cells technology watch projects and material from these programs can also be found on this web.

With the aim to identify and initiate technology watch and pre studies, the project has an open invitation for new proposals. Download further information (pdf in Swedish).

The text on the web (reached as e.g. "") is written in a mix of Swedish and English 

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