This is KME

KME is a consortium with material technology development as a base to make thermal energy processes more effective. KME 2014-2018 is the sixth phase of the programme that was established in 1997.  The programme is financed by industries (60 %) and by the Swedish Energy Agency (40 %). The state matching fund is applied from SEA within the cooperation programme for material research.

KME was established in 1997, and consists today of eight industrial companies, including Elforsk. Elforsk represents 14 Swedish and international energy companies.

All KME-projects are performed as a cooperation between industries and universities or institutes. The close cooperation between these organisations is an important feature for KME.

The budget is 115 MSEK (12 Milj€) in 4 years, of which the contribution from Swedish Energy Agency (Swedish State) is 40 % through Elforsk, upon separate project proposals. The companies can contribute with in-kind resources or cash.

The programme is supervised by a board with representatives from the stakeholders. Elforsk is responsible for programme management.

Further information can be found in Programme description (svensk version Programbeskrivning)

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