The following projects are conducted within KME programme period 2014-2018

Project Title Performed by Project manager Industry partners Project topic Reference group
KME-701 Influence of high-temperature environments on the mechanical behaviours of high-temperature austenitic stainless steels Linköping university Sten Johansson Sandvik MT, Sandvik HT Evaluation of creep and low cycle fatigue interaction and very slow strain rate testing and creep, long-term ageing, TMF behaviours of aged alloys, and stress relaxation cracking Bo Jönsson Sandvik HT, Edgardo Coda Foster Wheeler and Rikard Norling Swerea KIMAB
KME-702 LCF and TMF crack growth in cast nickel‐based superalloys Linköping university Johan Moverare Siemens IT TMF crack growth test method, mechanisms for crack propagation and growth, ageing effects. Crack propagation for LCF conditions and TMF crack propagation modeling. Component near demonstration Rikard Norling Swerea KIMAB, Magnus Hörnqvist GKN

(extension KME-713)

Durable MCrAlX Coatings for demanding applications in gasturbines Linköping university Ru Peng Siemens IT Fine tuning of chemical composition, adaptability regarding base materials, mechanical and TMF behavior; development of an oxidation-diffusion model and validation in different applications Rikard Norling Swerea KIMAB and Bo Jönsson SHT
KME-705 MoSi2 matrix composites for combustion components exposed to high temperature oxidation and hot corrosion Chalmers Yiming Yao Sandvik HT Investigate two prepared new composite materials with testing of cyclic oxidation (TCF) and flexure strengt at 1200˚C Xing Hai-Li Siemens IT
KME-706 Weldability of nickel-base superalloys for energy applications Chalmers Lars Nyborg GKN Aerospace Investigate the fundamental cause of formation of weld cracking (strain age cracking). Establish a test procedure for the assessment of the susceptibility towards strain age cracking of precipitation hardening Ni-based alloys Erik Zackrisson, Siemens IT
KME-707 Improved Steam Turbine Design for Optimum Efficiency and Reduced Cost of Owership Lund university Magnus Genrup Siemens IT Increased turbine performance by introducing three-dimensional blading in the turbine
KME-708 High temperature corrosion in waste-wood fired boilers. Part 1 KTH, Swerea KIMAB and SP Pamela Henderson,  Vattenfall Research and Development AB Vattenfall, Sandvik HT, Sandvik MT, Fortum, E.ON, Foster Wheeler and Göteborg energi via Energiforsk Reduce furnace wall corrosion through identify new materials and coatings, better understanding of correlation fuel chemistry and corrosion, and evaluate sewage sludge as additive (sludge in second part of project) Tomas Norman Vølund, Christoph Gruber Andritz and Jesper Liske HTC/Chalmers
KME-709 Increased steam temperature in grate fired boilers - Steamboost Chalmers, HTC Torbjörn Jonsson B&W Völund, Sandvik HT, Sandvik MT and Göteborg energi via Energiforsk CFD modeling, deposit and corrosion tests, and to find suitable SH materials (ev also incl ceramics). Tests of co-axial superheater tubes Bengt-Åke Andersson or Mats Åbjörnsson E.ON, Rikard Norling Swerea KIMAB, Christoph Gruber Andritz, Edgardo Coda Foster Wheeler and Annika Stålenheim or Pamela Henderson Vattenfall
KME-710 Design of a new generation of 12% chromium steels Chalmers Fang Liu Siemens IT Understanding of creep mechanisms. Further improve long-term creep resistance through fine tuning of the chemical composition and heat treatment Bo Jönsson Sandvik HT
KME-711 Combating superheater corrosion by new materials and testing procedures - Corrosion exposures in the waste fired CFB boiler P15 at Händelö Chalmers, HTC Jesper Liske E.ON, Foster Wheeler, Sandvik HT, Sandvik MT, MH Enginering, Fortum and Mälarenergi, Göteborg energi, Söderenergi via Energiforsk Investigation of the corrosion attack and how the corrosiveness of flue gas varies with temperature in superheaters in the horizontal pass. Testing of FeCrAl-alloys, stainless steels and conventional materials. An alkali online system, deposit analyses,  corrosion analysis and complementary equilibrium calculations will be used. Three different corrosion test techniques will be investigated Annika Stålenheim or Pamela Henderson Vattenfall, Christoph Gruber Andritz, Rikard Norling Swerea KIMAB and Thomas Norman Vølund
KME-714 Sulfur recirculation and improved material selection for high temperature corrosion abatement – Investigating different aspects of corrosion memory Chalmers, HTC Torbjörn Jonsson B&W Völund, Götaverken Miljö, Dong Energy, and Göteborg Energi via Energiforsk To demonstrate a permanent full-scale installation of the technique “Sulfur recirculation” and simultaneously investigating the corrosion memory phenomen; dynamic interplay between changes in fuel mix and corrosion attack and the material aspect will be investigated through the aging response of the steel Annika Stålenheim or Pamela Henderson Vattenfall, NN E.ON and Rikard Norling Swerea KIMAB
KME-715 Composite Metal Polymer (CMP) for non-stick improvements in CHP plants Swerea KIMAB Matti Hutakangas, MH Engineering MH Engineering, Dong,  Öresundskraft To make an initial study of the properties of a new Composite Metal Polymer (CMP) based on thermal spray coating of Ni-base alloy including a hard phase together with a polymer with good non-stick properties and resistant to elevated temperatures. Bo Jönsson Sandvik Heating Technology, Annika Stålenheim or Pamela Henderson Vattenfall
KME-717 Boiler corrosion at lower temperatures – influence of lead, zink and chlorides Swerea KIMAB Rikard Norling Vattenfall, Andritz, Fortum The project investigates the corrosion in the range 150- 420°C caused by Pb and Zn (and their chlorides) found in recycled wood, and if the corrosion is increased due to sulphur additives used to reduce alkali chloride corrosion at higher temperatures. The project includes laboratory testing, thermodynamic equilibrium modelling, and probe testing in a real boiler firing used wood. Matti Hutakangas, MHE, Tomas Norman Völund, Jesper Liske/Torbjörn Jonsson Chalmers, Edgardo Coda and Jouni Mahanen Amec Foster Wheeler
KME-719 Development of weldability assessment and understanding of hot cracking in boiler and gas turbine materials Chalmers Lars Nyborg GKN Aerospace he aim with the project is to investigate and develop understanding of hot cracking mechanisms, and to develop testing methods to quantify the hot cracks. The project will also contribute with weldability test data for materials which are relevant to the bolier plants and gas turbines as well as to provide recommendations in how to improve the weldability for these materials. Edgardo Coda and Jouni Mahanen Amec Foster Wheeler, Zhiliang Zhou Sandvik, NN DONG, David Martin Swerea KIMAB
KME-720 (extension of KME-711) The effect of increased fractions of waste wood on water wall- and superheater corrosion - Combating corrosion by new materials and improved material selection Chalmers, HTC Jesper Liske Sanvik HT, Sandvik MT, Amec Foster Wheeler, MH Engineering, and Kraftringen via Energiforsk Superheater corrosion and water wall corrosion will be investigated and exposures will be performed in the biomass fired boiler at Örtoftaverket, with the aim to verify and quantify the corrosion rates for different superheater materials, verify and compare the corrosion properties of a biomass fired boiler (Örtoftaverket) and waste fired boiler (Händelöverket in KME711) and to investigate how the corrosion performance of water walls is affected by a stepwise increase of the waste wood fraction. Anna Jonasson E.ON, Annika Stålenheim/Pamela Henderson Vattenfall, Tomas Norman Völund, Hans Henrik Paulsen DONG, Rikard Norling KIMAB, Christoph Gruber Andritz

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