Seminar documentation FPGA-based Instrumentation and Control Systems in Nuclear Applications

Documentation from international seminar on February 4, 12.30-17.00, 2015

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Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) have been gaining interest from the nuclear industry for a number of years. Their simplicity compared to microprocessor-based platforms is expected to simplify the licensing approach, and therefore reduce licensing risks compared to software-based solutions.

Energiforsk (formerly Elforsk) Nuclear Safety Related I&C research program, ENSRIC, are running a project to develop an overview and understanding of the position of safety related systems built on FPGA-technology for nuclear applications. The aim is to investigate if FPGA-based systems are a realistic alternative in future investment programs in the Nordic NPPs within the next 5 years, considering technological advancement, licensing, market situation etc.

The results from the study will be presented at this seminar, together with presentations from suppliers and experience from NPPs using FPGA-based applications. ENSRIC is financed by E.On, Fortum, Karlstads Energi, Skellefteå Kraft, The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, TVO and Vattenfall.

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