ENSRIC report. Emerging systems and Life time extension

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Författare:  Henrik Hildesson, Tudor Galan
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ENSRIC - Elforsk Nuclear Safety Related I&C Program, should contribute to safe and robust I&C systems that promotes low Life Cycle Cost. This report is the first phase of ENSRIC and has identified different strategies and plans used by suppliers and plant owners worldwide in the nuclear business to extend the life of safety related I&C.
Due to analogy I&C for nuclear applications have been designed in the 1960's and early 1970's. Together with regulatory constraints reflecting in rules and regulations handmade for the analogue technology. Have the obsolescence of the analog equipment becomes a major problem.
Transitions to digital microprocessor based safety I&C have been carried out at a high implementation- and life cycle cost. But there exists successful and consistent I&C upgrade plans and strategies worldwide, such as the one developed by GE Hitachi (Attachment 4). These are particular cases of a more general set of principles regarding the I&C upgrades. These principles have been developed and gathered in guidelines by international organization among which, EPRI has a leading position.
Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the Nordic countries, considering the similarities between the fleets, to develop a common strategy for I&C upgrades (like, for example, the one developed by GEH) based on the EPRI collection of standards in this area.
ÅF’s recommendation for the next phase of ENSRIC would be to create a set of guidelines supporting a common Nordic approach for I&C upgrades. These guidelines would support decision making regarding what and how to upgrade the safety I&C.

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