R&D Arena Barsebäck. Feasibility study and coordination proposal

Rapportnummer:  14:56
Spridning: free
Författare:  Hans Henriksson
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Lagerstatus (tryckt rapport): Slut
This feasibility study has the overall goal to summarise the main interest for Barsebäck as an R&D Arena on ageing mechanisms and safety demonstration studies. A list of potential experiments and studies is presented, with an estimate on time and cost. A clear need for a coordination group is identified, with the proposal that an R&D Programme under Elforsk is formed, consisting of representatives from the main stake holders: nuclear operators, utilities and safety regulators. The review of project proposals will be carried out in the already established networks of experts: Elforsk concrete research programmes, Materialgruppen and Beräkningsgruppen (organised between FKA, OKG, RAB and TVO).
The next step in the forming of R&D Arena Barsebäck is to propose a short-list of suggested activities with emphasis on one or two pilot projects to be launched in early 2015.
The work in this feasibility study has been conducted through questionnaires, meetings with the main stake holders, such as at the Elforsk concrete research programme steering group, Chalmers Sustainable Nuclear Energy Centre (SNEC) ageing day, and with Älvkarleby Laboratory, Vattenfall R&D. A list of references and contacts can be found in the report.

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