State of the Art Report on Battery Chargers for Plug-in Hybrids 2010

Rapportnummer:  10:45
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Författare:  Hector Zelaya de la Parra
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The renewed interest in EV and PHEV has pushed the development of battery charges for these vehicles. The requirements for chargers vary from slow to ultra fast depending on the vehicle size and application; which is also aggravated by the market immaturity at present.
Although the battery development has always been seen as the bottle neck in the rapid deployment of PHEV, there is a clear trend for new batteries with higher density with capabilities for fast charging. 
The requirement specifications for fast and ultra fast chargers seem to be very similar to many available products used in power system applications, such as Static Volt-Ampere Compensation converters. This should allow for rapid development of battery chargers based on well known technology with the addition of new features such as charging optimization, battery management system and vehicle to grid coordination.

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